Report: Japanese Footwear Fashion Trends

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Target audience: designers, buyers, makers, marketing, trends forecasting, line-builders, stylists, journalists, and design schools.
Provides information on the Japanese fashion trends in order for designers, manufacturers, line-builders, marketing departments, buyers, stylists, to follow the actual trends in live without coming to Japan.
As you know, more and more trends are now starting from Japan. The originality of the Japanese fashion market is the wide range of products that you can find in the shops: international brands as well as more and more national designers brands.

Their actual advance in fashion is therefore a very interesting asset for the designers, manufactuers, and buyers all over the world.

Basically, by knowing in advance what is successful and trendy in Japan, you can anticipate the trends that will appear in your country in the very near future.

This service will give you a permanent view of the Japanese fashion market

Format: 100 jpeg pictures on Cdrom

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