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Trade News

  • 27


    Watch how your foot comes down

    Have you ever watched a video of yourself walking or running? You should. It can give you important information about how you may be hurting your muscles and bones -- and also holding yourself back as an athlete.

  • 02


    Hemingway-branded shoes: a farewell to blisters?

    Ever wondered what it might be like to walk in Ernest Hemingway's shoes? A US company has teamed up with the legendary writer's son to create a Hemingway-branded line of footwear.

  • 02


    Men’s Market Goes Strong At Bread & Butter

    Newcomers to the Bread & Butter show, held July 7-9 in Berlin, said demand for upscale men’s shoes in Europe was on the rise.

  • 26


    Heelys has a lot riding on first nonshoe product

    Faced with waning sales of its wheeled shoes, Heelys Inc. is introducing its first nonshoe product in an effort to appeal to tweens and teens looking for the latest extreme sport.

  • 29


    Report: Japanese Footwear Fashion Trends

    Target audience: designers, buyers, makers, marketing, trends forecasting, line-builders, stylists, journalists, and design schools.